Application:Skin Care

7月 1, 2020 List
     The natural sil
   Cerium oxide powd
  Natural bamboo cha
    Cellulose acetat
   A vegetable wax w
  It is a vegetable
   Submicron size si
  High Transparent o
   Gives “Soft &
  COVERLEAF series c
      DIS-AB-10W Hig
    DIF-AB-33W High
     SF-30 Organic U
Having high antimicr
HA-LQH HA-LQH are ma
  Japan wax is used
Clean smell 1,2-hexa
    MKR series is 20
Natural micro beads
    Preservative wit
    Pholitect is a r
     Natural and sof
  The natural wax ma
  The natural Polysa
   A luxury feeling
Natural scrub from S
  Keep soft focus an
  Silica beads with
    A natural moistu
    It is a non-chem
    STR-100N Fine no
    STR-40C Fine tit
  It is an extract u
   By diffusing visi
    WAX made in Japa
    This product was
  Good fragrance fro

投稿者: Kowa Cosmetics team


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